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Color Oklahoma is a project of the Oklahoma Native Plant Society which encourages the study, protection, propagation, appreciation and use of Oklahoma's native plants.

The state society and local chapters sponsor lectures, field trips, an “Indoor Outing” in midwinter, and a wildflower photo contest. The society publishes a quarterly newsletter, The Gaillardia, and annually publishes a journal, the Oklahoma Native Plant Record.

There are about 350 members in four chapters: Northeast in Tulsa, Central in Oklahoma City, Cross Timbers in Stillwater, and Mycology in Edmond.

Participating in ONPS activities, members and their guests have the opportunity to view first-hand and become familiar with the environmental and botanical diversity of Oklahoma.

The society’s members have a wide-range of backgrounds, but have a common desire to learn about Oklahoma’s botanical heritage. Go to http://www.oknativeplants.org to learn more and join.

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