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Color Oklahoma Sow Some Wild Seeds has been a leader in beautifying Oklahoma’s roadsides with native wildflowers since 2002. This project of the non-profit Oklahoma Native Plant Society strives to preserve wildflowers and native plants in the state and to promote Oklahoma’s wildflower heritage through education.

Botanically, Oklahoma is a remarkable state! Within its borders are 173 families, 868 genera, and approximately 2,600 species of vascular plants—flowering plants, conifers, ferns, horsetails, and clubmosses.

Although species characteristic of the continent’s eastern deciduous forest and central grassland are most common, species from the southeastern Gulf Coastal Plain, Ozark Mountains, Rocky Mountains, and southwestern deserts reach their distributional limits within the state.

Donations, grants, and income from the sale of Color Oklahoma state-issued license tags have funded seeding at 27 sites. Planting is restricted to roadsides of highly traveled highways and turnpikes, public parks, and other highly visible public land in Oklahoma.

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