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Color Oklahoma's Save Oklahoma's Wildflowers Initiative aims to make the state more beautiful.

The Diversity

Oklahoma highways traverse a state noted for the diversity of its native plants and vegetation. Almost 2,600 species of vascular plants and 14 vegetation types representative of 12 ecoregions occur within the state's boundaries.

The Scope

Oklahoma has 12,266 miles of state highway and 606 miles of turnpike roadway. Please join us in transforming our roadsides into wildflower landscapes that stretch for miles.

First see what some other states are doing:

Approximately 50,950 acres of Iowa's roadsides have been enhanced or revegetated with native grasses and wildflowers, with that number increasing by approximately 500 acres each year. Iowa program web page.

North Carolina
A state-issued license plate provides $250,000 annually for wildflower/roadside enhancement. North Carolina program web page and North Carolina program photos.

More than 5,000 species of wildflowers along with native grasses flourish along the state's roadsides, thanks to nature and attention from TxDOT. Texas program web page.

Here is how you can help bring that to Oklahoma.

  1. Buy a Color Oklahoma license plate. For each plate bought, we receive $20 for buying seed, developing education programs, and preserving our vast Oklahoma heritage.
  2. Tell your state representative and senator that you want to see native wildflowers along our highways. Let them know if you see a crew mowing the flowers while they are in bloom. You can learn who your lawmakers are at http://www.oklegislature.gov/FindMyLegislature.aspx.
  3. If you like or don't like what is happening to our roadsides, call Melody Johnson at the state Department of Transportation (405.521.4037) or Mike Cole at the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (405.425.3640). For each comment of praise or dismay, give them specific locations and times.
  4. Contact us with your comments or questions at wildflowers@hotmail.com.
  5. Apply for a grant from Color Oklahoma to add wildflowers in your area.
  6. Take pictures of bloom sites and post them on our Facebook page.

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