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Oklahoma is a beautiful state and our goal is to make it even more so with native Oklahoma wildflowers. With help from people just like you, Color Oklahoma buys native wildflower seeds that are sown along our highways and turnpikes, and in public parks and other highly visible public lands. We also have a grant program to help communities, civic groups, individuals and others join the beautification campaign.


Delphinium carolinianum (prairie larkspur) and road

Photo Gallery

Penstemon cobaea (large-flowered beardtongue)

When you see wildflowers blooming in Oklahoma, post the location, date, plant name, and photo, if you take one, on our Facebook page. If you can’t identify the plant, ask for help and one of our botanists will respond. Let’s all go wildflowering!



Color Oklahoma is planting native Oklahoma wildflowers across the state. You can help Sow Some Wild Seeds by buying a state-issued Color Oklahoma license plate. It can be purchased at a tag agency or by downloading a form here. The state-issued tag costs $35 plus a $3 mailing fee. Color Oklahoma receives $20 of every tag sold. Click here to learn more.


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